First Birth (Part 2 of 2)

Tim awoke to the captain’s announcement in progress.

“…we’re in a holding pattern over Nashville. The airport is fogbound and we’re awaiting a break in visibility to get clearance to land. We’ll keep circling for now, but if we don’t get an opening in the next 20 minutes, we’ll be moving to an alternate city to land. We’ll keep you posted.”

Tim reached for the in-flight magazine to look at the airport maps. He tried to guess where they would go if they could not land here. What would be his connection to Norfolk? How long a delay would he agonize through as his wife continued her labor? Was it over? Had he missed it? Would he arrive only to see the baby already here? Continue reading

First Birth (Part 1 of 2)

“I need you to come home, my water broke.” Tim heard over the hotel room phone.  He was stunned into silence.

“But you’re three weeks early. You said it would be okay for me to go on this business trip.” he stupidly replied.

“I’m having contractions. The baby is coming. You need to be here.” she insisted.

“I’ll do everything I can to be there. Try not to have the baby before I arrive.” he moronically stated.

They hung up and he called the corporate travel agency at the 24-hour service number. It was almost 11 pm in Los Angeles, California and he needed to get to Norfolk, Virginia fast. Continue reading

Competitive by Nature (Part 1 of 3)

The grass had been mowed just yesterday. The smell was fresh and exciting. The field at Brown’s Corner Recreation Area was alive with the warm-ups of 30 twelve year-olds getting ready for the game. The Falcons were hot this year. They had the best pitcher in the league. A left-hander named McDery who threw a natural inside curve. The Dodgers were on a three-game winning streak Just last Saturday, they had creamed the Giants 8-1. Their big first baseman was a power-hitter they called Train. His real name was Terry, but his nickname stuck after the first game of the season when he shattered the catcher’s collarbone while stealing home. He’d run him over like a steam engine and didn’t even look back when the stretcher came. Train had stretched many easy singles into doubles and triples through the way he chugged around the bases. He put his head down and charged full-throttle until he got there. Not many kids stayed in the way once he got going.

Continue reading

Hayride Gone Wrong

Celeste giggled as she chewed a piece of grass taken from the hay bale she sat on. The hay wagon bounced its way down the road pulled by the powerful green Oliver 1650 tractor. We loved bringing in a load of hay. It was the best reward to follow the hard work of throwing the heavy bales on the wagon, the careful stacking to fit a full load and not lose any on the way home. The ride on top of the load was our favorite part of the job. It was a ride no carnival or parade could match. The summer sun tanned your back while a cooling breeze in your face wiped the sweat away. The view of the countryside from thirty feet up on a moving stack of bundled grass made the work seem worthwhile. Continue reading