Random Snark

Lover. Stalker. The difference is whether the feelings are returned or rejected.

Riverdance: 20 years of giving tap dancers a reason to continue existing.

Teenage farm boys: Helping cats practice survival skills as soon as the last adult walked away.

Trophy wife. A friend just got one. I don’t think she was first place.

True love. Could be just a light switch away.

Inspirational. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

2 thoughts on “Random Snark

  1. That’s definitely true. I was in a story writing class with this guy and he had a poem where he follows this girl around with these cute robots that recorded her every move and he watched her fall asleep on TV. Nobody thought it was creepy. Of course the girl and guy were a perfect match. Pff good thing because if the girl thought the dude was ugly he’d a been in jail. I even said that in the class and no one agreed.

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