Epitome of Unnecessary

Many doctors offices use automated calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments. I received some of these from an eye doctor recently. Age and unhealthy eating habits are catching up with me requiring double treatments for each of my eyes — injections and lasers.

Yes, I consented to allowing a total stranger to numb my eyeballs and inject medication directly into each orb. Leading up to the first treatment, their reminder service called three separate times. As if I needed to be reminded of the pending action.

Eye Trouble

The sound of a high-speed drill came through the neighboring wall. It sounded gruesome.
Whirrrrrrr! Whirrrrrr! Whirrrrrrrr….grunnnnn…whirrrrrr!
Someone groaned in the other room as the drill slowed and sped up again. Steve wasn’t sure if it was the patient experiencing pain or the doctor applying greater leverage.

Either way, he was regretting selecting this dentist/eye surgeon medical practice.

The new generation of medical price cuts had caused many practices to consolidate. Steve was not sure this combination was a good one.