You’ve Got a Little Something…

The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?


He showered, dressed, and combed his hair by habit. He didn’t look at the results, he never did. He loaded his pockets with his wallet, glasses case, and keys before heading out the door to the car. He started the car and backed down the driveway into the street, looking over his shoulder the way his father had taught him as a teenager.

He drove the identical route to work as he had done for 20 years. Sometimes listening to the radio, more frequently not. He meditated on the day ahead, planning his tasks. He flowed through traffic across the three lanes of the broad boulevard, always turning his head to check before moving over.

He stopped at the coffee shop, went in, and got his usual order. Operating on automatic, he ordered, paid, took his cup, and went back to his car. He drove the remaining short distance to the office.

He parked in his normal spot and walked into the building. He unlocked his office, booted his computer and started working. Hours passed. He had lunch at his desk and kept working. He had conference calls, emails, and went to three meetings in the building. At 5 p.m. he shut his computer off and returned home, driving the same route, just as he had for 20 years.

At home he emptied his pockets of their items and greeted his wife. She looked at him and giggled. She covered her mouth with her hand as the tears of laughter brimmed.

“You went to work like that?” she asked.

“Yes. What are you laughing at?” he responded.

“Well honey,” she said, “You’ve got a little something sticking out of your pants.”

He looked down and saw a portion of his shirt sticking out of his fly. It was a back tuck job and he’d walked around the office all day and no one said a thing.

No Mirrors

Deadlines Drive the Day

The delivery date approaches. What seemed so far off one month ago now feels like it accelerated as it approached. Our perception of time is so skewed.

English paper due by the end of the semester? No problem. That is so far off, I have plenty of time (to procrastinate).

Wait, what do you mean it’s due next week? Where did the nine weeks go? There couldn’t have been that many days elapsed since the last time I thought about it. I’m pretty sure I only saw five sunrises, and three sunsets. See? Only a few days have passed.

Oh yeah. I’ve been up before dawn, arriving at work in the dark. Spending all day indoors. Working late on multiple projects. Leaving work after dark. Dark to dark. No days to mark.

How could this get worse? I know. I’ll mentally commit to participating in regular blog posting and responding to several daily prompts each week? No pressure. What could go wrong?

After all, it’s only after 9:30 p.m. (eastern US) now and I’m finally responding to the morning prompt…

New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).

First Birth (Part 1 of 2)

“I need you to come home, my water broke.” Tim heard over the hotel room phone.  He was stunned into silence.

“But you’re three weeks early. You said it would be okay for me to go on this business trip.” he stupidly replied.

“I’m having contractions. The baby is coming. You need to be here.” she insisted.

“I’ll do everything I can to be there. Try not to have the baby before I arrive.” he moronically stated.

They hung up and he called the corporate travel agency at the 24-hour service number. It was almost 11 pm in Los Angeles, California and he needed to get to Norfolk, Virginia fast. Continue reading

Season Change, Schedule Change?

August Blues

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

Back to school? Not this year. The last child graduated from high school in June. No more homework to check. No papers to prod forward. No morning rush to get him up and out the door for the bus with seconds to spare. Now what?

It must be part of the reason why I started blogging. No more of his papers to check, I guess I’ll put myself on a schedule to write and post every few days. No pressure but my own. No teacher to disappoint, only my followers and random clickers that stumble upon my pages.

Oh crap! I created another obligation in my life. People are counting on me. Strangers. Folks from around the globe consistently stop by and “like” or comment on the words I string together. I can’t let them down. Yet, I do, frequently.

The daily post grinds out another prompt and I am unprepared. The clock ticks 8 am (eastern US) and the post appears. Within minutes, other bloggers are posting. Lengthy posts, well constructed, clearly not written beginning at the time of the prompt. How do they do that?

I must post and log off. I have a morning doctor’s appointment looming. It was rescheduled from Monday after my doctor called in sick. I wonder, is it too soon to be seeing him? Should I be the one wearing the mask and rubber gloves?

Ah August.


August Blues




Discussion Enders – Zingers

Oh great. Put me on the spot to originate a zinger. You realize the topic is so good because most people fail to come up with the perfect reply when put upon the spot.

It’s like that time at that party when…I don’t remember the scene. I just know I was talking to someone about something. On the drive home, I told my wife that I should have said something else to close the conversation. I don’t recall it now. Must not be that important.

Nowadays, we travel in social circles much less hostile. No stinging retorts needed. Perhaps we’ve mellowed a bit now that our youngest is 18 and our job as parents may be moving to another stage. No one has left home yet. All three offspring seem content to stay. Free food, no rent, comfortable house, but I digress.

Can you take inputs from others and get back to me in a couple of days? I’m sure I’ll have a snarky retort by then.

Discussion Enders

My Chore Robot — FINALLY!

The children just are not cutting it.

A father of three, each now over 18 years old, mistakenly hoped some daily chores would occur as if by magic. Unfortunately, they appear to lose their senses of sight and smell regarding household chores. Their ability to add dishes to the sink in an ever-growing puzzle is astounding. They construct a chest-high pile that must be carefully dismantled to prevent a crashing collapse. Dirty laundry festers in stinking piles in their rooms. Despite the pungent odors just feet away from them, the boys (young men) can sit and play video games in total oblivion for hours on end.

Empty. That’s all I need. Empty the dishwasher. Empty the garbage. Empty the sink of dirty dishes. Empty the laundry basket. Empty the washing machine. Empty the dryer.

If only I had a robot that would do this for me. I’d call it “MT”.

On second thought, I’d need another. I’d call it “Reload”.


My Chore Robot

Everything is AWESOME!

This thumping techno-pop song from the LEGO Movie soundtrack hit me unexpectedly when the radio came on as I started my car for the morning commute. If you have been fortunate enough to have missed it, count your blessings.

It is a fast moving, lyric dense (did I hear “chocolate frosting” in there?) song that triggers an involuntary racing pulse.

I do not recommend it for those on blood pressure medication or before morning coffee.

After your first cup, fine. Light traffic for your commute when you can zip in and out of lanes easily, great.

This bass-heavy wump-wump song may be just the thing to help you along.

Oh, and good luck getting it out of your head the rest of the day.

Opening lines

Competitive by Nature (Part 3 of 3)

He blinked a few times to clear his vision and found himself standing halfway between the on-deck circle and home plate. He looked around at the bleachers full of parents and friends shouting and clapping encouragement. He turned and saw his teammates getting ready to take leads on base. A few flies buzzed around his head and he absently brought his hand up to shoo them away until he realized what he was doing and stopped himself in mid-swat.

Continue reading

Kiva is my Ice Breaker

A few years ago a friend pointed me to

It’s a micro-finance non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. For as little as $25, you can lend money alongside others to help people around the globe.

You choose the people, businesses, goals, hopes, and dreams to support. The sacrifice is small, with the potential for huge returns in the lives of the recipients.

Competitive by Nature (Part 2 of 3)

BLACKNESS! Train heard a roar surround him and felt as if he was being sucked into the guts of a jet engine. At first, he could see nothing. Then, he noticed streams of light rushing past him like laser beams on track to the edge of the universe. He was spinning and tumbling out of control through space at unbelievable speed. He screamed but could not hear himself over the roar which vibrated through his bones. Galaxies, planets, solar systems whizzed by in the blink of an eye, but he could do nothing. Time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Train didn’t know how long he endured the trip. He realized it was over when he came to on the surface of some strange moon.

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