This site is for a creative outlet and building connections with other bloggers, writers, and the outside world in general. Please comment if you read something you like.

I’m not pompous, just brilliant. Observe:

Allow me to pontificate in erudite terminology to demonstrate my lexical superiority for those fortunate enough to be beneficiaries of my intellectual creations. This summary provides a glimpse into the cerebral prominence available to my audience.

Readers will benefit from the enormity of my ability to transform meager communications into radiant examples of obfuscation that frustrate lesser individuals from penetrating their true meaning. The conversion from clear language into elevated phrases only graspable by the scarce initiated provides a filter that inhibits scrutiny and creates collaborative barriers to the market space.


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    • Thank you for taking the time to encourage me on this site. I will continue to strive to engage readers in each opening. It can be challenging.

      • I look forward to reading your short story postings.

        I want to challenge myself with new words, ideas, and various types of writings.

        Your site provides me great insights into the short story genre, for which I have begun my inspiring writing career. My encouragement comes straight from the heart of novice aspiring writer.

    • Thanks for the nomination. I have been absent most of March because of a work project. Unlike some “other” bloggers I’ll not mention, I don’t blog from my day job. 😉

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