You’ve Got a Little Something…

The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?


He showered, dressed, and combed his hair by habit. He didn’t look at the results, he never did. He loaded his pockets with his wallet, glasses case, and keys before heading out the door to the car. He started the car and backed down the driveway into the street, looking over his shoulder the way his father had taught him as a teenager.

He drove the identical route to work as he had done for 20 years. Sometimes listening to the radio, more frequently not. He meditated on the day ahead, planning his tasks. He flowed through traffic across the three lanes of the broad boulevard, always turning his head to check before moving over.

He stopped at the coffee shop, went in, and got his usual order. Operating on automatic, he ordered, paid, took his cup, and went back to his car. He drove the remaining short distance to the office.

He parked in his normal spot and walked into the building. He unlocked his office, booted his computer and started working. Hours passed. He had lunch at his desk and kept working. He had conference calls, emails, and went to three meetings in the building. At 5 p.m. he shut his computer off and returned home, driving the same route, just as he had for 20 years.

At home he emptied his pockets of their items and greeted his wife. She looked at him and giggled. She covered her mouth with her hand as the tears of laughter brimmed.

“You went to work like that?” she asked.

“Yes. What are you laughing at?” he responded.

“Well honey,” she said, “You’ve got a little something sticking out of your pants.”

He looked down and saw a portion of his shirt sticking out of his fly. It was a back tuck job and he’d walked around the office all day and no one said a thing.

No Mirrors

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