Discussion Enders – Zingers

Oh great. Put me on the spot to originate a zinger. You realize the topic is so good because most people fail to come up with the perfect reply when put upon the spot.

It’s like that time at that party when…I don’t remember the scene. I just know I was talking to someone about something. On the drive home, I told my wife that I should have said something else to close the conversation. I don’t recall it now. Must not be that important.

Nowadays, we travel in social circles much less hostile. No stinging retorts needed. Perhaps we’ve mellowed a bit now that our youngest is 18 and our job as parents may be moving to another stage. No one has left home yet. All three offspring seem content to stay. Free food, no rent, comfortable house, but I digress.

Can you take inputs from others and get back to me in a couple of days? I’m sure I’ll have a snarky retort by then.

Discussion Enders

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