My Chore Robot — FINALLY!

The children just are not cutting it.

A father of three, each now over 18 years old, mistakenly hoped some daily chores would occur as if by magic. Unfortunately, they appear to lose their senses of sight and smell regarding household chores. Their ability to add dishes to the sink in an ever-growing puzzle is astounding. They construct a chest-high pile that must be carefully dismantled to prevent a crashing collapse. Dirty laundry festers in stinking piles in their rooms. Despite the pungent odors just feet away from them, the boys (young men) can sit and play video games in total oblivion for hours on end.

Empty. That’s all I need. Empty the dishwasher. Empty the garbage. Empty the sink of dirty dishes. Empty the laundry basket. Empty the washing machine. Empty the dryer.

If only I had a robot that would do this for me. I’d call it “MT”.

On second thought, I’d need another. I’d call it “Reload”.


My Chore Robot

7 thoughts on “My Chore Robot — FINALLY!

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  2. You stole mine! MT will still be needed, even when your nest is empty like mine, just a little less often. Come to think of it, the kids will probably need an MT after they move out, if they’re anything like mine.
    PS For a short time we had a soda vending business. It was named MT Can Co., after my kids, Melissa and Tracy.

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