Big Night Out

The new movie theater opened in December. Two weeks before Star Wars: The Force Awakens released. The theater is the latest one in a local chain that combines food, beverages, and comfortable chairs with the movie. Dinner and a movie, combined.

The food is not gourmet. Definitely nothing to rave about. Consider burgers, fries, pizza, nachos, chicken wings and such as the majority portion of the menu. Salt, fat, cheese, and carbs in abundance – perfect for munching in the dark

The chairs are powered recliners with swivel trays to hold your food and drinks. It is almost better than your own living room. The hot food comes to you. The lights go down. The movie begins. If you choose to fully recline, the tray can pivot to line your plate up to your waiting mouth. Ultimate lazy eating.

Star Wars was good. (No spoilers). Before going, a friend warned me to disconnect my analytical thinking and just “go with it.” For once, I did just that and it made the movie more enjoyable. The scattered plot holes, continuity errors, and overall conflicts with the previous six movies melted away like the creamy cheese sauce on my nachos.

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