Snow Day and Lemon Tea

A major snowstorm hit the East Coast of the United States this week. Some areas received large quantities of the white stuff. Roads and businesses are closed. Emergency services are struggling to provide help where necessary.

My family is fortunate to be warm and dry in our home. We are able to enjoy the day by watching the weather reports and comparing it to the views outside our windows. Occasionally, one family member opens the door to poke their head out for an interactive experience before quickly retreating inside once again.

Our pet rabbit likes it when I am home. I spoil him with extra treats and the freedom to roam the living room. He is a relaxed bunny. One mostly content to sit alongside my recliner in the shadow of our coffee table within convenient reach for me to drop my hand and stroke his fluffy head. Here I sit. Blogging and sipping lemon tea with my little bunny buddy at my side. A pleasant snow day indeed.

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