The Yummy Snake (guest post by #1 son)

The weather has been unseasonably warm so far this winter. It has inspired us to begin our Spring cleaning early. While I’m sure the winter will snap into shape soon, it has been fun going through cabinets to remove clutter. Along the way, we have rediscovered school writings from our (now adult) children. Today’s guest post comes from #1 son who was 9 years old at the time.


The Yummy Snake

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Josh. Josh loved snakes. One day he saw a rattlesnake. He knew all about rattlesnakes because he had read about them, but this one was different. It had no rattle. He left it there because he had to go to school. Without knowing it, the snake crawled in his book bag. When Josh got to school, it crawled out of his lunch box. It was show and tell. When the class saw the snake they screamed. It crawled out the window.

When it was lunch time, Josh had no lunch. The snake had eaten it. He asked everybody if he could have a sandwich, but they said “No.” So Josh had to eat all the vegetables the snake didn’t eat. Then he had to go to the principal’s office because during show and tell the snake crawled out. He called Josh’s mom. She did not believe him when he said the snake went in his book bag. He was grounded from the TV for a month.

The next day he went outside with a shovel and tried to kill the snake. It was too fast. He decided to get it in a box and fly the snake to the desert. The snake saw someone else. The guy was going to where I lived because that guy was Josh’s dad. Then Josh killed the snake and ate the snake.

The End

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    • Thank you for your honest comment.
      I agree that my recent posts have been weak with long pauses in between.
      I won’t bore you with life details. For now, know that the family is experiencing transition and we hope to settle down soon.
      I will be back.

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