Reset Your Life

I grant my readers permission to start over. At midnight, wherever you are, you may exercise your right to begin the year with a new attitude. Flex your powers of influence and make the world around you a better place. Let us all agree to shape the internet into a more positive place. One place to consider your impact is where you click.

Every tap of a mouse or fingertip gets measured. News outlets track the trends and push popular headlines to the top. Help me in my quest to eliminate the prominence of the more irrelevant content that seems to clutter all our lives with unnecessary trash.

I urge you all to avoid clicking:

  • Anything relating to the Kardashian, Jenner, or West clan. Let’s get these people off the world stage and allow them to drift into forgetful obscurity once again.
  • Race-based reporting. Pick a news outlet, any one, and you can find bias. Skin color stereotypes should not be the basis of any story. All people are valuable. Color should not spawn endless arguments about one group over another.
  • Articles promoting further erosion of individual rights in favor of greater government control over aspects of our lives. Wake up, people. Enforce the laws on criminals. Don’t make criminals of ordinary citizens.

Please join me in starving the click-fed beast.

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