The Great Pretender

Most people are sheep. Followers moving with the flock. Passively being guided through life by more influential others. Some of those leaders are positive, others negatively motivating through fear. Sheepdogs guide and protect. Wolves attack.

Watch the flock at a sporting event and you will witness the herd mentality for yourself. At pauses in the game, the mascot or other entertainers take to the sidelines and interact with the crowd. See how the sheep people respond to directions and sit, stand, wave, sing, or struggle for a T-shirt launched from an air tube. Passive. Weak. Vulnerable. Just how I like it.

A pretender assumes many roles. All it takes is confidence and commitment to the part. The correct tilt of the head, thrust of the jaw, steadiness of gaze, and the crowd is yours to command. Launch into the desired direction and within moments one or more of the sheep begin to move. Others quickly fall in line. The power is intoxicating.

At a gathering once, the people played a memory game to set the tone for a fun night. Halfway through, I commanded the sheep people to switch seating positions to opposite locations across the room. They complied and the game resumed with disastrous results. Everyone had associated their memory answers with people sitting in specific places. Now, it was all disrupted. After several stumbles, my wife interjected, “Why are you listening to him? He’s not in charge!” They sat stunned and took several moments to change seating back to their original locations while I sat smugly off to the side.

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.

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