Honeymoon Troubles

Inspired by today’s prompt and my fellow blogger friend’s response “Just the Beginning” where Vonita shared glimpses of her own honeymoon problems, I decided to provide a few of my own.

As previously posted on January 30, 2015, in “First Day Married“, the wedding day went well, but my brothers sabotaged the car with blue cheese on the engine block that smelled horrible the longer we drove. That first night may have been an indicator things to come.

We honeymooned at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A family friend owned a vacation cottage there and rented it to us for the week. The elderly gentleman greeted us there to turn over the keys and offered to show us around the area a little bit. We politely agreed and soon regretted it.

He seemed in no hurry as he drove us from one obscure location to another. “There’s the clam shack. You can get a good cup of chowder there.” and “Down that street is the way to the shore, but you can’t swim there, it’s too rocky.” He swerved on the road as he gestured left and right. One hand on the wheel, the other waving and pointing vaguely at things. A recurring phrase emerged, “…and that’s the Weweantic River over there” (gesture, swerve).

After 20 minutes he finally drove us back to the cottage. He handed me the keys and shook my hand. He murmured some advice to me for a long and happy marriage that I barely noticed and don’t recall now. We watched him back down the driveway and swerve his way along the road.

We brought our luggage inside and laughed out loud. One of the suitcases fell over with a heavy thud.

“What is in that one?” I asked my new wife.

“Oh. Those are my textbooks.” she replied.

“You brought textbooks on your honeymoon?” I laughed. “What do you think you are going to study?”

“I have a state licensing test in six days. I need to study for it.” she stated solemnly.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was absolutely serious.

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

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