Lesson Learned

SPLASH! The cold water woke him instantly from his sound sleep. He opened his eyes as his brain raced through a series of questions, causes, and reactions. Had a pipe burst? Was there another splash coming? Would there be another event? Is his wife all right? Were they in danger? What time is it?

The bedside clock red LED numbers showed it was 2 a.m. A small amount of moonlight shone through the curtained window and provided partial illumination of the bedroom. He saw his wife silhouetted next to the bed. She was standing over him holding an empty cooking pot. He could not see her facial expression in the shadows, but there was significant tension in the air.

“How do you like it?” she asked.

“Like what? What happened?” he inquired in a stunned tone.

“I fell in.” she growled.

“Fell in what?” he pressed.

“The toilet! You left the seat up. I went in to use it a few minutes ago and sat without checking first.” she hissed.

“Why didn’t you turn on a light?” he reasoned.

“I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. I know you have a big test tomorrow.” she replied sternly.

“Uh…thanks?” he lamely mumbled.

“NO! Not ‘thanks’ you, you, you, MAN you.” she stammered, “Thanks for leaving the seat up so I could fall into freezing toilet water in the middle of the night. Thanks for not thinking about me at all and not even asking if I’m hurt. Thanks for NOTHING!” she shouted.

He almost paused before answering. It would have been the smart thing to do. But this early in their marriage, they were starting to learn how to live together. His bachelor time had been spent in the military: 90 other men in military barracks at boot camp, 300 other men on a ship, 35 men in a living space within the ship, he’d never had an apartment with anyone. She had married him straight from her home. She had not gone to college or had any roommates other than her own family.  Only one month into their new lives together and he’d been startled from a sound sleep and was soaking wet now.

“I’m sorry you didn’t turn on a light and look first. In my family, males outnumbered females 5 to 2. They took steps to be safe from us in the bathroom. I’ve spent three years with military men. We always check. I figured you would too.” he stated.

“That’s NOT an apology.” she responded and stomped to the kitchen to return the saucepan. She slammed it on the breakfast counter to emphasize her feelings and threw the blankets his way when she returned to bed. He got up and moved to the living room couch.

“Where are you going?” she demanded.

“I’m sleeping out here the rest of the night. The bed is wet.” he answered.

“You still owe me an apology.” she huffed.

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