Blessed Through Service

The young married couple volunteered at church every week. Any given Sunday, they went in prepared to help wherever needed. They might walk in and be asked to teach a fourth grade class, work with the youth group, change diapers in the nursery, or sweep floors and empty trash cans. The assignments varied based upon the normal ebb and flow of church member attendance, family illnesses, and general life events that always cropped up. Each week, they checked in with the church leadership to get their tasking and smiled as they served.

This particular Sunday was no different. They arrived and were informed of a need for nursery workers. There were extra little ones to care for this morning and one of the scheduled families was at home with an illness. The young couple cheerfully went in and got to work. The other couple working with them chatted as they cycled diapers and checked toys while the children’s worship music played softly in the background.

It turned out that the other couple was moving across town this week and asked, “Do you know anyone in the church that could use a refrigerator? The one we have is only one year old, but the new house already has one and we can’t leave it behind. We want to be sure to give it to someone who really needs it. No charge.”

The young couple paused for a moment before responding, “Yes. WE do. We are moving into our first home later this month and don’t have a refrigerator at all. Money is tight as we are having to install all new carpet, curtains, and repaint the whole house before we move in.”

“Great!” the other couple said, “We had prayed about what to do with our fridge and God told us to be a blessing to someone at church. We can deliver it tomorrow.”

The young couple was stunned. They served without expectation of payback. They served from their desire to be a help and blessing to others. They had not expected to be on the receiving end of such a tangible gift that met their exact needs at the right time. They realized how limited their view of God’s blessings had been.

Tell us about a time when you responded to an act of kindness with one of your own.

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