Back to You Bob

The farmer down the road named his cows alphabetically. The first one born started with the letter “A”, the next one with “B”, and so on. He refused to skip awkward letters and members of his herd occasionally received and obscure or odd name. One of these was Ubob.

Ubob did not seem to care that her name was less popular than Barbara, Sally, or Janet. She was a cow. Not much upset her at all. She placidly chewed her cud and did the normal things that all cows do without complaint. She gave her milk without kicking. When she stepped on your toes with all her weight, it was not out of anger or spite, simply clumsiness. No malice intended.

The farmer’s son gave special attention to Ubob. As if to compensate her for the odd name, he doted on her. When the farmer’s son came into the barn, he would call out for “Ubob!” and she mooed in response. He gave her extra scoops of sweet grain. He fed her apples by hand. He even let her drink Coca-Cola from a can. She would take the whole can in her mouth and raise her head back to drink it all in a long gulp. All the while, the farmer’s son would pet her neck and talk to her, repeating her name over and over.

The farmer believed cows enjoyed music and gave more milk when listening. He had a stereo system in the barn tuned to the local radio station at all times. The morning personality was named Bob. After a traffic report or another person completed their on-air task, they would give control back to him. The standard phrase used was, “And now back to you, Bob.”

The cow would moo every time…and all was well with the world.

Write a post about the topic of your choice, in whatever style you want, but make sure to end it with “…and all was well with the world.”


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