The Etched Rear Window

Ah! Summertime. School is out and my wife does not have to work. That is a mixed blessing.

Her time is her own for a while. She can sleep in late (or not) as she chooses. She can plan day trips with friends (or not) at her pleasure. How has she elected to use her time this season? Interior decorating.

Home improvements on a larger scale are mine to address. Smaller items not involving structural integrity or safety elements are hers. She is the creative one of our marriage. She creates beauty in the home and surrounds us with it. She also changes her mind frequently.

So far, she has redecorated through paint, molding, and accent pieces two bathrooms. One bathroom project began as a moisture repair and expanded to become the repainting and redecorating the entire wall and the sink base for good measure.

The other bathroom wall had a chinchilla medication stain (dark blue) that appeared almost impossible to cover through fresh coats of paint. The project evolved into applying peel-and-stick vinyl tile halfway and topping with a chair rail molding. Decorate the sink base again here for good measure. Install a new mirror and it looks like a different room.

Our adult sons decided to swap bedrooms as well. They moved all the furniture and equipment, then asked for her assistance in redecorating. More painting occurred. Geometric patterns emerged for each room that provides a provocative perspective for contemplation when they are not sleeping.

Moving downstairs again, she decided to accent the panes of glass in the back door. The simple, rectangular cells had begun to bother her sensibilities. She decided to chemically etch patterns into the glass. Operating completely free-handed and using no templates or aids, she traced her whimsical patterns onto each one. Once satisfied with the intended appearance, she applied the etching material for the recommended time, then removed it and added the neutralizer. After four days of standing, reaching, or sitting on a stepladder at the back door, she declared the project completed.

Here I stand. Viewing a portion of our back yard through this etched rear window. The fancy scrolls and suggestion of plant structures adds another layer to my contemplation today. Beautiful.

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

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