Senses: Down by 1

#1 son had a trial run with vision loss this past week. He rented a beach house with several friends to start the summer season. He played in the surf and got caught unprepared when a rogue wave knocked his glasses off. The size of the Atlantic Ocean instantly magnified and recovery became impossible.

He needs his glasses. Without them, he cannot read, drive, work, or function effectively. Objects are vague blurry shapes and shades of color.

Like any young man more than 2 hours driving distance from home, he called us (his parents) after 11 pm to report the crisis. We woke up. We answered the phone. We listened.

We asked leading questions about the steps he had already taken to get new glasses. We asked about contact lenses. We asked about backup sets of glasses that might exist. All in vain.

The lost glasses were his only pair. He had no contact lenses with him or at home with us. No backup set ever existed. The over-the-counter reading glasses at the drugstore were ineffective for his needs. The eye doctors where he was were closed. He decided to finish out the week with his friends and solve the problem upon his return.

He took on the challenge of limited vision for a few days. He played volleyball and other beach sports. His friends started calling him Daredevil after the blind superhero. His reactions are quick and he is athletic. He could see the blob of a volleyball moving at him and adjust well enough to make decent play. Perhaps if he continued practicing long enough with the vision disadvantage he may have reached the level of the legendary blind swordsman. We may never know.

Today, he had his younger brother drive him to the eye doctor and get new glasses. He handled the appointment, insurance forms, payment, and general decisions on his own. Another parenting milestone. Let him fail and succeed on his own (mostly). We are still letting him operate with our parental safety net, but allowing larger intervals between falling and catching.

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

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  1. I don’t see “however the best friend asked him before boogie boarding, ‘Xxxx, don’t you want to take off your glasses before going into the ocean?’ while he replied, ‘No, I want to see the waves..'” 😛

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