How Honest is Too Honest?

“How did you like the cake?” she asked.

“I didn’t find it particularly intriguing, but the taste and texture were within expected parameters.” the idiot man said.


“Who drove the work vehicle to the local drive-through fast food restaurant?” the manager asked the assembled employees.

“It was Sally.” the young man said as he pointed in her direction.


“Did you push your brother down the stairs?” Mom asked her son standing at the top of the stairs as she cradled her crying son in her arms.

“No, Mom. I KICKED him down the stairs.” the honest older brother emphasized for clarity.


Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

One thought on “How Honest is Too Honest?

  1. Honesty is important with a measure of mercy thrown in for good measure. Such as the boy who kicked his brother down the stairs will not be met with mercy in the discipline given him. So it would do well to not confess too much on the evil state of one’s heart. 🙂

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