Clothes? Wear Them

A fashion plate I am not. Clothes need to be worn for the safety and protection of others at least. Others that would otherwise have to see my naked body and all its imperfections.

There is the appendectomy scar earned as a teenager. It is much larger than you would think. Plus, it is not low enough to be in the underwear region. The last thing I remember the surgeon saying before he left me for his surgical staff to prepare was, “Yes. His appendix is enlarged and must come out. I’m going skiing and will be back in four hours.” I woke up after the surgery and found a scar large enough to fit both his hands. Perhaps they were cold after skiing and he needed to warm them up inside me. Ugh!

There is the general hairiness factor that could contribute to other people’s nausea. I like to think of it as a teddy bear belly, complete with all the fur. At least it does not continue around to my back and shoulders.

The fat is a problem. Too much of it and jiggly where it should not be. Like most Americans, I am in the statistical majority of fat people. I avoid pears, avocados, and other similar shaped fruits in fear of being compared to their shape. You are what you eat is not a nice phrase.

Clothes are the answer. Cover it all up. Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts whenever possible. Shop for the “Executive Cut” clothing. By the time you make it to executive level, they expect you to be fat and make the clothes that way on purpose.

Gone are the days of buying pants that were snug at the time of purchase with the optimistic plan to exercise until they became loose on me. That ship has sailed. The plan now is to seek hidden elastic waistbands that expand upon demand behind the cover of a belt with a few extra notches right up to the end. Repeat purchases as necessary.

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

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