It Wasn’t Me

Mom put the full pan of chocolate chip brownies on the pantry shelf to cool. Those would be a special treat for the family after dinner tonight. The appetites of four teenage boys seemed bottomless and something like fresh brownies never lasted long. Mom paused for a moment and cut just one little square from the corner of the pan. “Just a little taste,” she thought, and closed the door.

Steve went into the pantry to get a glass for milk after soccer practice. He saw the pan with one square cut out of it. “Cool, someone already had one. I’ll have one too,” he thought, and cut a double-sized piece of the chocolaty goodness.

Michael was looking for a can of beans to have with his hot dogs when he spotted the pan. He noticed the portions already cut and gave himself permission to finish off the row.

Mark wanted some chips to take with him on his afternoon fishing trip. He saw the half-eaten pan and figured if he waited until later, there would be no more brownies. He cut a double row just to be sure he got his fair share and packed it in two sandwich baggies.

Sam finished washing his car for his date that evening. He stared in the pantry for a snack and saw the brownie pan. He realized his brothers had gotten to it before him. He cut a hearty chunk from the pan leaving just a single row about one inch wide.

Mom served the chicken, potato, and corn casserole to her hungry sons. They stopped teasing one another long enough to pile large servings on each of their plates. As they ate, Mom announced she had a special treat for dessert that evening. She got up from the table and went to the pantry to retrieve the brownie pan.

The boys heard her exasperated shout, “Who ate all the brownies?”

They looked at each other before answering almost in unison, “Not me. I just had one piece today.”

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