Don’t Make Me Angry

I’m a mellow guy. Gentle. Kind. Calm. Even-tempered. There’s not much that gets me angry. Some things that do irritate me include:

  • The incompetence of others
  • Other people’s actions that inconvenience me
  • Other people’s missteps that end up costing me time and money

There’s a theme here, right? Need examples? How about everybody’s favorite blogging platform – WordPress? They pushed automatic updates to their software that deleted my April 25 post and all comments since April 24. It appears no backup was performed before applying the updates.

Three days after an update occurred boosting the operating version, another update happened. Today when I logged in, there is a message prompting me to upgrade to the latest version because the one a few days ago had a security glitch in it. Gee, thanks WP.

They recommend making a backup of your site and files before updating to the latest version. Great advice. Wish they had followed it themselves before boosting my two previous versions this past week.

I now have only snippets of the “Ring of Fire” prompt response and email proof it ever existed. Similar with any comments people posted on my Arkansas trip posts. Sorry that your comments are gone. I didn’t delete them.

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

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