I can do it. I don’t want to.

I can do anything. I choose not to do some things. If I did everything, the economy would suffer more. By selectively avoiding some chores, I grant others the opportunity to make a living.

Plumbing – I intensely dislike doing it. Inevitably, the item I’m trying to repair has reached a fragile state of disintegration. Any attempt on my part to perform a simple fix ends up with larger scale replacement of components.

Carpentry – Can do it, but it doesn’t come out as pretty as it should. The time involved with careful measuring, cutting, fitting, joining, delicate trim work leaves me frustrated. I am further discouraged when watching skilled craftsmen apply their experience and cut, fit, and trim finish an entire room without a tape measure. They glance at the location, eyeball the wood, cut once, and it fits exactly.

Painting – I like it. The actual act of transforming the ugliness to smooth beauty is rewarding. What I dislike is the 90 percent time of preparation and cleanup compared to the 10 percent of actual painting.

Auto repair – Simply not interested. Here is where a judiciously applied paycheck moves from my bank account to a mechanic and I remain happy.

Roofing – No thanks. You can do it. I’ll pay and provide the pizza and beverages.

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

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