Here, Bury my Blackberry

I ordered a new cell phone this week. It should be arriving at the office today.

The time has arrived to retire the Blackberry I have used for seven years. In a time where people stand in line days ahead of the next iPhone release, I shrug. The phone is for work. I don’t own a personal cell phone. I see no need. The latest smartphone, tablet, or iPhone simply does not excite me.

There’s an app for quickly locating the nearest pizza shop? So what? I have lived in this area more than 20 years. I know where I want to get pizza. An app to track my exercise, steps, heart rate? No thanks. I don’t need to quantify my guilt.

Twitter? Not on it. I know people who cannot make a witty statement in four hours, let alone within 140 characters. I have absolutely no interest in the Kardashians, their opinions, or latest gossip.

GPS? I have one. It has no subscription fees, does not charge me for data updates, or for using it. Why would I want to run up data usage on my phone for this?

The latest cat video? Don’t care. As I posted elsewhere, I grew up on a farm. Cats are disposable. Just like my Blackberry. Toss it in the box with the rest of the junk from today. Some time in the future they may open the capsule and wonder at our primitive culture.

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

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