Being Frugal is Not the Point

Men, if you wait until the day after Valentine’s Day to purchase the drugstore chocolates or candy because they get marked down to 50% off, you lose.

Women want the milestones observed on the day, not late. Birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s Day, Christmas, and so on. This arbitrarily selected date set to give those in the northern hemisphere a celebration day to break up the monotonous winter with a day primarily benefiting florists, restaurants, greeting card, and candy makers is still important to her.

Waiting even one day and doubling your purchasing power on the discounted items is failure. The holiday is not mathematically based. It is definitely emotional.

Be a man. Crack open the tight wallet. Pay full price.

Time is running out. Today you will only spend money. Tomorrow, you will pay in other ways less pleasant.

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