Open the Bedroom Door

I need air to move when I sleep. Waking up in a closed room with stuffy air interferes with a good sleep. Another reason is to dissipate the buildup of toxic methane released under the covers.

As newlyweds, it was a silly prank to release gas and flip the sheets over your partner’s head to trap them with it. (Ah, youth!)

As mature adults whose digestive systems seem to have changed over the years into factories for pungent fumes, it isn’t funny at all.

Ever have a dream where you are drowning and can’t catch a decent breath? Then slowly drift into wakefulness and realize the oxygen deprivation caused by methane displacement was intruding upon your dream state? (Yeah. Me neither)

This Valentine’s day, do yourself and your partner a favor. Leave the bedroom door open while sleeping. Perhaps even run a small fan near your bedside table to force air movement away from the sheets.

Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!



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