Too Tired to Save Anything Else

Well, we made it out alive. The fictional situation has the house on fire. What to rescue?

After all the animals and people are safe, who has any energy left?

One rabbit. A Siamese Sable Lionhead who has won ribbons at shows. Now, he’s my evening buddy. I come home from work and open the ramp on his cage to let him run around the living room for exercise. He hops out around 7 p.m. and goes back in by 10 p.m. During his three hours out, he will run, hop, stomp, nibble, and check the perimeter for any potential intruders into his space. If I’m on the couch, he will climb the puppy steps (purchased just for him) up to the couch and sit with me.

One guinea pig. This overblown fluffy squeaker lives in the (former) dining room. I say former because the entire room is taken over with critter cages. No table. No chairs. A short sofa and cages. The chandelier has been replaced with a ceiling fixture to avoid head bumping. The chubby guinea pig gets exercise time each day and occasional lawn grazing outside on nicer days.

Chinchillas. 15? 18? 20? 22? I’m not really sure. There were 15 before the breeding program began. First one baby, then three more, and more pregnant females in progress. The plan is to sell some of them off, but it has been a slow venture. The chinchilla cages take up most of the wall space in the room and if we had to rescue them from a fire it would take the whole family longer than I think we would have.

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

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