The Perfect (Snow) Storm

The powerful storm skipped most of New York today and provided the bulk of its offerings to Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Boston received more than two feet of snow and strong winds are pushing it into deep drifts.

I enjoy living in Virginia.

I walked out the front door to my driveway this morning where the pavement was bare and only a thin layer of puffy snow coated my car. There was no ice to scrape and it took only minutes to warm my car and clear all my windows.

The ground was not frozen. Roads were clear. Traffic was light on the way to work. Schools were delayed opening and most people seemed content to wait for their own morning commutes as well.

By noon, the temperatures warmed enough to melt all the ground snow remaining in the grassy areas.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect (Snow) Storm

    • Four feet where you are in central Mass? Wow. Just, wow.
      So glad we moved from northwestern Connecticut so many years ago. 🙂

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