I Would Argue Your Side, but You Are an Idiot

Flex your thinking. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. See it from their point of view.


I like the rigidity of my thoughts, thank you. You can keep your foot fungus to yourself. I don’t want to have to install an abdominal window.

I’m reaching a point in my life where I just don’t want to change my mind. I think I’m becoming that cranky old man who shouts at kids to get off his lawn. (Well, I would be that guy if I cared about the lawn. It’s just grass after all.)

Occupy Wall Street? Whatever happened from all that? Did anything really change? Did the protesters get prosecuted for the crimes they committed on one another at their sites? Whose thinking got altered? Not mine.

Media bias? Sure it’s out there. Story distortion? Absolutely.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” was fiction.

“I can’t breathe” another distortion.

“Stand your ground” not applicable to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case no matter how much it was trumpeted in the press. The facts did not present that as a valid defense, so why did the media bring it up at every opportunity?

Keystone Pipeline? Where’s the debate of the full situation? Pipeline versus rail cars would seem to be a major point to discuss. The two are not even mentioned in the same articles. Safety record of rail cars versus pipeline spills? Good luck digging up the statistics. What we are presented are the numbers for how much oil would flow through the pipeline each day. Where are the corresponding stats for how many rail cars that would take for an equal amount?

Excuse me now while I go check my blood pressure.

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

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