No Rescue for Me

His ankle rolled unnaturally and he heard the ligament pop the same instant he felt it. He collapsed to the lawn in an undignified heap and clutched the damaged body part while fighting the savage pain. Two quick breaths and he turned his head toward his son.

“Go in the house and get your mother. Tell her I need help.” he said between gritted teeth.

The young boy sprinted across the grass into the house shouting for his mother. Outside, Tim waited and concentrated on not passing out. He thought back to the other times he had sprained his ankles. This would be the fourth time for this one, three for the other side. He really should use reinforcing braces when he played soccer now. His ankles just were too weak.

The boy came back out and tapped the ball around the flower bed. Several minutes passed and Tim wondered if his wife had understood the urgent situation. He needed ice, an elastic bandage, and crutches. Where was she? He turned to his son and asked him to check on his mother and see if she needed help coming outside.

The boy went inside for a moment and came back quickly.

“She said she will be out when she gets finished preparing the chicken dinner.”

Tim hung his head and sighed before starting to crawl his way to the front door. His son held the door open for him and he pulled himself inside. His wife saw him on his hands and knees but her attention was on the muddy jeans he was about to smear across the carpet.

“Get up before you wreck my floor.” she stated firmly.

“I can’t walk without your help.” he replied. “Please rescue me.”

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

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