Not Ambitious Enough to Change the World

I have not yet seen someone give credit to a blogger for changing their reader’s life. Will I be the first? Probably not. My ambitions are not that lofty.

For each blogger out there writing their books, building a following, and otherwise improving humanity, I applaud you.

In contrast, I have no book in progress. No passionate cause to promote. No agenda for my blog besides providing a personal outlet and perhaps to entertain some others along the way. That may change in the future, but for now it is enough for me.

You, dear reader, experience a low-risk engagement here. There is no “call to action” to click, buy, or pressure to interact. If you like what you read, a “Like” is appreciated. Comments are always welcome. If you choose to join fellow followers, great. If not, that is fine too. It is up to you.

“Lowered Expectations” is my lifestyle. Too many disappointments may have beat the ambition out of me.

  • People disappoint.
  • Life disappoints.
  • Possessions disappoint.

I’m sure my blog disappoints someone out there too.

If that’s you, please comment and tell me why. If not, whatever.

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

6 thoughts on “Not Ambitious Enough to Change the World

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  2. I enjoy reading your blog, in fact I chose to read your Daily Prompt first 🙂 I am guilty of writing a book, but that came as a result of enjoying the blog writing so much, as well as a combination of other events.

    • Thanks. I used to dedicate hours to working my way through the DP responses on the grid and comment as I went.
      Time constraints have pushed back to the point I browse for a few of my favorite people (like you) first and then explore others as I can.

      • Thank you for reading my blog, I also only read what I can. Need to spice up my writing somehow though, after three months of every day writing, my own writing is starting to bore even me. And if you know me in person you will see I love the sound of my own voice, so that is really saying something. So thank you for reading 🙂

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