There’s No Going Back

This blog started in August 2014. My first post was a family story based upon real events from my childhood. Today marks my 107th post since then.

The day the hay wagon tipped over (Hayride Gone Wrong) is a famous tale in our family lore. Several of us have written the story from our own perspectives. At reunions the storytelling inevitably includes one or more renditions.

One long-term impact to me is the complete lack of interest in harvest hayrides at pumpkin patches. There is simply no comparison worth noting. They pull you in a safety-conscious wagon complete with padded railings and a chain across the opening. The benches and floor may be sprinkled with straw but it’s mostly for decoration.

Compare that to riding on top of a swaying stack of bundled bales so high that we had to duck under the power lines as we entered the driveway. No harnesses. No safety lines. We climbed up there for the half mile drive across the field and down the road back to the barn.

The load was supported with the sidewalls of the wagon. These wooden slats and posts survived years of exposure and bleaching in the sun. Occasionally, one or more pieces needed replacement and got it. The urgency was offset by other workload priorities and a broken slat may remain for a few weeks if it did not affect loads.

What kind of adults would allow their children to ride in such an unsafe manner? Ours. There are probably many more examples of dangerous activities we performed and survived. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

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