I Tolerate Well

I do not suffer fools gladly. My restraint prevents many imaginary deaths. The daily commute provides an opportunity to bestow unearned forgiveness on several people; at least until my James Bond machine gun headlights retrofit is completed.

Morons! Encountered everywhere. If it wasn’t so random a distribution I’d be concerned about a coordinated plot to put them in my path.

Careful now. Count back the change. The purchase came to 5.33. I gave you 10.00. Pop quiz – without looking at the digital readout, how much should I get back? No. Not 5.77, try again. I’m doing this for your benefit. It’s not helping my blood pressure to watch you struggle.

Oh! You’ve had an epiphany? “We’re the sum total of all our experiences up to this moment in time.”
What self-help book are you reading for affirmation? Do crystals really make you feel better? Try again.

You’re my best friend since childhood. Why else would I put up with you? It’s not for the entertainment value. I don’t remember exactly how we met or why we became friends. Maybe the limited choices living in a rural area had something to do with it.

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

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