iTunes Always Changes

I despise the way Apple continually changes the iTunes software interface. Friends gave me an iPod as a gift. It has been an excellent device. One that I use daily. I have several hundreds of songs loaded. I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and can even watch movies on the little screen.

At my day job, radio reception is poor. The steel framed building interferes with clear reception for many stations. Consequently, I use my iPod to provide the soundtrack of my day. I’ve got playlists and favorites at my fingertips.

Once a week, I take it home to synchronize content and download fresh podcast episodes. Here’s where the problems begin. It seems like every week or every other week, Apple releases an updated version of iTunes. Why? Who knows? It may be to trap users into spending several hours each week tinkering with their interface. For me, it’s a time sucker I can’t stand.

I had the interface set up the way I liked it. I could attach my iPod, quickly synchronize content, and detach all in a few minutes. Now I can’t. Apple kept prompting me to download and install the newest version of iTunes until I finally relented. Then it happened. My interface exploded into an unrecognizable layout.

Where did the menus go? Where are my settings? What happened to my playlists? How can I build new ones? On and on it went. After spending way too much time in the unhelpful “Help” files, I reached a truce with iTunes. Some semblance of recognizable layout had been restored. A partially familiar interface was attained.

The next morning, I connected my iPod to my car using the USB cable. My car stereo reported an unrecognizable software interface and would not function. Thanks Apple. Now I have to upgrade my car just to stay current with you? No thanks.

A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?

7 thoughts on “iTunes Always Changes

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  2. Upgrade your car for your iPod! I have to ashamedly admit that I totally resist upgrading anything that already works as it should, but its really not a good look since I work in IT. My Mac (and team lead) are waiting for Yosemite to be downloaded and installed, ain’t got no time for that when I have words to be written!

  3. I thought I’d skip the whole issue of constant software upgrades that improve nothing and are often really downgrades. I no long accept iTune upgrades. I don’t use iTunes at all, actually. I don’t use a lot of software on which I formerly depended. But, you know, they don’t make money on “finished” software.

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