Zoomin’ Through the Pages

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell? 

Reading for enjoyment has sometimes been overtaken by reading for necessity.

Work, school, and church all have regular reading requirements. In one’s life, there is only so much time to read.

For me, the reading dry spell was not brought on by time constraints. It was my body.
I had to break down and admit that aging is catching up with me.

For the first time in my life, I truly need reading glasses.
After getting them fitted, I was astonished at how much easier reading became for me once again.
Before, I had been experiencing tired eyes, difficulty focusing on text in low light, and was generally uncomfortable reading for extended periods.

Now I apply the speed reading technique learned in high school so many years ago and voraciously consume books once again.
300 pages in just a few hours? No problem.
Download some more eBooks and keep going.
Discover new authors and blaze through their entire series in a week? Absolutely.

Start blogging and experience a whole new world of writers? Awesome!
The range of styles, voices, interests, and artistic expression available through the WordPress community amazes me.
Fellow bloggers are great! (click…read, click…read, click…read,…)

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  1. Great post. Books have been a part of my life since I could write my name to get a library card. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Blogging satisfies that. Thanks for liking my blog. Blessings.

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