The Electric Snowflake (Part 3)

The Electric Snowflake shot through the sky like a bottle rocket. This was fun! Who else could circle the globe in an instant then stop on a dime? He dove recklessly to the world below, spinning wildly out of control completely without fear. Within inches of the ground, he stopped. He looked around and began to drift lazily over a small ridge. As he surveyed the landscape, he wondered what it would be like to touch down and stand in the grass wiggling his toes.

“NO!” he told himself.

That was the one rule above all others that he must obey. Never touch the ground. To do so would mean instant death to him and the slow death of his people above and the world below.

Other than that, he had it pretty good. His purpose was to trigger the snowstorms of the world. Only he could do it. He traveled all over the planet at breakneck speed to cause the gentle falling of white, puffy flakes on open meadows. He screamed to the mountains to inspire the mighty blizzards that whipped the craggy peaks. He cruised slowly to roaming countryside hills and sparked the dry, crusty snows that blew and drifted high.

It was a good post. One he took seriously and enjoyed. He was caring in his approach to his job. He took the time to survey the land before he buried it under a blanket of white. He made each storm fit the need.

He took time to meet with the Snowflake Squadron Leaders and mingle with the troops. He made sure they knew their assignments and boosted morale in the process. They were giving their lives so the world below could live. On his command, they swarmed from the clouds. Swirling and drifting with fervent abandon intent upon completing the mission. Occasionally, he dove with them. He directed, encouraged, and shared in the pride of the job.

Yet always, he remained alone. It was not all fun and games being solely responsible for the snowfall of an entire planet. After diving with a squadron and sharing their enthusiasm, he always felt let down. None of the folks he met could ever understand how lonely it was to be unique. He missed his childhood friends. Occasionally, he wondered what happened to this boy or that girl. All it did was make him sad.

It was during one of these dives that he saw HER. Out of the millions of flakes he’d met, she caught his eye. It was a gentle flurry over a sleepy little town scattered among the hills. She led a team to coat a barn roof. He glided to her and watched her blush at his approach.

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