The Electric Snowflake (Part 1)

The council met with grim faces. They stared at one another with somber looks. The future of their kingdom was at stake. A wrong choice could destroy them all. A right one could save them but kill everything on the world below. All the possibilities had been considered. The council had debated for weeks.

All the potential candidates who might fill the vacancy and save them had been screened carefully: Only one met all the qualifications. But he was the leader’s only son. He could not be spared. The land would have no heir to the throne. The duties of the post required a lifetime to master. It was not a short-term commitment.

The king broke the silence. As he stated his decision, the council erupted in protest. All the old arguments began again. The appointment was too dangerous. Too many things could go wrong with the power transfer. If the boy should die, so would both worlds. Even if he lived, the world below might be saved but at the cost of their kingdom.

The king would not be swayed. He knew that this was the only possible hope for the world below. It was necessary to sacrifice his son for the good of all. He allowed the council to vent their opinions. He knew that they realized the truth. One by one, the members of the council fell silent. The king’s logic was obvious.

There was no other choice. No other candidate could fill the post. His son had originally been exempt from consideration because there was no other heir. Now they agreed that no other course could be taken. The king’s son would become the next Electric Snowflake.

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