Snowy Memory

The weather here in Virginia is turning, teasing us with the fall season.
Temperatures are milder, humidity is dropping into a more breathable range, and there is a crispness in the evening air.
As the season changes, it becomes a time for reflection and this memory from last winter came to mind.

#1 son came home from his job late in the night after we went to bed.

A single set of footprints come up the driveway and into the house.

This morning, all windshields covered with snow, except one-half of his.

Yes, one-half.
It seems he cleared the driver’s side enough to drive home (within the neighborhood all the way).

When asked about it, he said it was too cold to roll down the window and drive with his head sticking out. So he compromised and cleared his half of the windshield.

Ah, youth!

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